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Why are British Police collapsing?
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TOPIC: Why are British Police collapsing?
Why are British Police collapsing? 1 Week, 1 Day ago  
Why are British Police collapsing?

As we watch British Police falling apart, nurturing and enabling killers like Wayne Couzens amongst their ranks, there are questions. Is it only British Police? Answer - NO. Globally police have become either corrupt or incompetent. Do not forget George Floyd’s death in America. Next question - WHY? Answer - because most organisations begin to fall apart when they get too big. Sloppiness descends into mistakes or, worse, tragedy.

The ITV series MANHUNT is a perfect example of this. Milly Dowler was kidnapped and killed by Levi Bellfield. Surrey Police, led by Brian Marjoram, failed to discover her murderer for years, enabling him to attack and kill several other girls. Yet an investigation into one of those subsequent crimes discovered that Bellfield had lived 55 seconds away from where Milly was last seen, at a bus stop. And he was a registered sex offender.

You’d have thought that was a simple, basic task for police. If done correctly, Bellfield could and should have been arrested and convicted within days - saving the lives of those future victims. Milly’s family believe, had Surrey Police reacted within hours, Milly’s life could have been saved.

Surrey Police bosses did nothing, after the other force arrested Bellfield, to correct this institutional failure. Leading, possibly, to many other subsequent deaths in different circumstances.

What can you expect when the over ruling concentration by police bosses is “protect and defend officers”?
Likewise, when an organisation can put out an instruction to officers that anybody making a complaint “will be believed even if they are lying”???

And describing lies, before investigation, as “credible and true”? Credible? Fair enough. True? Madness.

But the real insanity lies in not correcting this kind of instruction.

It’s the same as saying “if a killer denies the crime, you must let him or her go”.

No wonder police forces are failing. It’s worse than that. They are assisting criminals. With statements like “you will be believed” they are encouraging lying, especially when large sums of money can be made, even if the falsely accused are dead.

This madness has to stop. NOW.
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Last Edit: 2022/08/06 05:17 By JK2006.
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