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Dando "killer" to get new Appeal ?
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TOPIC: Dando "killer" to get new Appeal ?
In The Know

Dando "killer" to get new Appeal ? 14 Years, 7 Months ago  
New evidence has come to light which seems to show that the police have been telling porkies (again) !

<<< From BBC News -

A second plank to their case is that two new witnesses say they saw armed police at the scene when George was arrested, contrary to what police have insisted.
George's lawyers say this is significant because the only forensic evidence that linked George with the murder was a particle from gunshot residue.

He thinks the presence of armed officers and their involvement in his arrest was responsible for this residue. >>>

What do you think, JK ?

I have always supected his innocence. He seemed quite incompetent - and certainly not clever enough to fool the police for two years !

He looked nothing like any of the eye witness descriptions at the time.

Could the police (perhaps) have been getting a little frustrated (with a high profile case) and not getting anywhere, so decided to "help it along"?
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Absolutely ITK: In my 3.5 years in prison I met dozens of inmates and officers who swore Barry George was innocent 14 Years, 7 Months ago  
and not a single person who considered him guilty.
Likewise Michael Stone; everyone thinks he did NOT kill those people.
My faith in the structure of our legal system was totally destroyed not only by my own experiences but by the things Iearned about others.
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Re:Absolutely ITK: In my 3.5 years in prison I met dozens of inmates and officers who swore Barry George was innocent 14 Years, 7 Months ago  
There was a "Rough Justice" programme on Barry George around 2 years ago. During this programme it was explained that Mr George was beleived to have converted a replica gun into a real gun. Mr George had well below average intelligence and he was totally incapable of such an act, in my opinion. Also the conviction was largely based on the evidence of an old lady who originally said that she hadn't seen Mr George and then changed her mind at a later date.

Sounds like the police trying to get results rather than Justice again.!
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