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Norman Kember; dignified, decent, honest...
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TOPIC: Norman Kember; dignified, decent, honest...
Norman Kember; dignified, decent, honest... 14 Years, 7 Months ago  
Now watch the tabloids attack him.
I was lucky enough, a year ago, to meet one of my heros, BRUCE KENT, who has spent his life supporting decency, tolerance and common sense.
He was, of course, at a Miscarriage Of Justice meeting.
I often feel that real courage is daring to oppose the fascists in our midst.
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Martin K

Re:Norman Kember; dignified, decent, honest... 14 Years, 7 Months ago  
And yet but....?
Should peace campaigners visit armed war zones?
I am sure he is a lovely and decent guy, but we have an equivalent of a pensioner, walking into a room full of guns and shouting "Peace, peace! Put the guns down or I will shout it again".
I do agree with people like Mr Kember visiting war zones, however, I think it does need regulating.
Who by?
I have no idea.
If one of my parents had decided to go out there at this stage of the conflict, my family would have pressured them greatly to not go.
I am just glad today that he is alive, it is verging on a miracle.
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