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Now they're just insulting our intelligence..
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TOPIC: Now they're just insulting our intelligence..
Whole Truth (not Barmy)

Now they're just insulting our intelligence.. 7 Months ago  
Isreal's 'Defence' minister Galant warned, "Hezbollah is close to making a grave mistake. The ones who will pay the price first of all will be the citizens of Lebanon. What we do in Gaza we know how to do in Beirut."

Anyone who criticizes US-sponsored military violence gets accused of supporting the other side by supporters of that military violence. If you opposed the Iraq invasion you were a Saddam supporter, if you criticized US proxy warfare in Ukraine you were a Putin lover, etc. The argument is that criticizing the actions of the world’s most powerful war machine means you support the side opposing that war machine, and because you’re a treasonous monster who supports the other side that means your criticisms should not be listened to.
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