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TOPIC: Hate crime legislation

Hate crime legislation 2 Weeks ago  
I was listening to a piece this morning on Radio 4 debating the new hate crime legislation in Scotland. Concerns were raised that it could be used maliciously. But no one on the show made the point - or even seemed aware - that all existing legislation can be used maliciously.
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Green Man

Re:Hate crime legislation 2 Weeks ago  
It's beyond the joke now. It's basically to protect MPs and ministers from hurty words from Keyboard Warriors. Scotland will be building their own Gulag very soon.

Having a spat on social media goes back when social media was launched probably from the chat room era, I have no idea what they were/are. If people can't take insults, jokes, memes, ribbing then the Internet is not for you. Wokery is the new religion/cult.

There is already laws in place on social media you can't bombarb people more than once ot it will be harassment or stalking.,you%20feel%20distressed%20or%20alarmed
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