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I can review Morrissey as it`s now out!!!
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TOPIC: I can review Morrissey as it`s now out!!!
Martin K

I can review Morrissey as it`s now out!!! 14 Years, 11 Months ago  
Ringleader of The Tormentors.

I do so hope the intended puns are not missed on anyone, as they are most amusing, and this has been a great tune that the great Mozza has been performing for a good few years now.
I wanted to love this record, but it doesn`t do as much for me as I hoped it would.
My favourite ever lyricist, combined with my favourite ever producer have produced exactly the result that I personally expected, I had rather hoped they would burn together and transform into a different beast, but they do just sound a bit like , hmmmmmm that`ll do.
Fantastic lyrics, and an interesting return by Tony Visconti in re-using a heavy handed drum sound that he first used on a T.Rex album on "Cosmic dancer", which was used in Billy Elliot.
I have`nt checked my T.Rex album out yet, but I think that this was also used on track 2 of that record as it is this one.
I`m sure many artistes would also love to feel free to write in the first person most of the time, but this is one of the only guys in the planet that will continue to get away with it, and one is enough for me.
A hundred thousand lonely bedsits are still crying out "I know how you feel", but they are also crying out " that could be me up there!".
Love the cd, but I did prefer the last one.
The best lyric on the album is "You have Killed Me". That one desrves an award!
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