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TOPIC: Bird Flu Hysteria...
Martin K

Bird Flu Hysteria... 14 Years, 4 Months ago  
I have watched , time and time again, the footage of the dead swan , discovered in Scotland.
My first point is,in my opinion, this is not a Mute Swan(cygnus olar), but in fact a Whooper Swan (cygnus cygnus).
This is a pretty rare migratory bird in the U.K., and not the swan that you see on the Thames , or your local park lake.
I have enjoyed ornithology ,as my hobby all of my life, and have only seen one of this variety ever, at a rescue centre in Cornwall.
If anyone else should check this footage, check the beak colour,of the poor bird, as it is yellow and not orange.
That said, is this actual genuine footage, or just footage from stock, of a vet in a spacesuit with a dead bird?
The Telegraph have gone to town on this subject today, although, I have not read it all yet.
Classic media panic.
Simple solution? Remove the bell from all cat collars for safety currently.
It is well documented, that this virus is airborne(sic), but I do agree with the guy on tv this morning, that said , you are most likely to get a bad tummy from eating an infected bird.
Do you just not hate panic??
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