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What Do You Call This Style of Music?
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TOPIC: What Do You Call This Style of Music?
Captain Groovy

What Do You Call This Style of Music? 14 Years, 10 Months ago  
I love it - and JK does it so well!

I'm guessing it's called "Vaudeville Pop." Sort of muted trumpets, piano, maybe a ukelele, strings that that follow the same melody in unison - kinda of a "wall of strings." A tippy-tappy old-time twenties feel.


"My Heart Stood Still"
"The Sun Has Got His Hat On" (elements of that)
"It's Only a Paper Moon" (best example of this style)

From other artists:

McCartney's "Honey Pie"
The Kinks' "Holiday Romance"

and besides the New Vaudeville band... where else can I find tracks like this?

And who produces music like this anymore? I LOVE it!


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Re:What Do You Call This Style of Music? 14 Years, 10 Months ago  
Thanks Jeff; I hadn't realised I've quite often done this sort of pastiche track; even The Way You Look Tonight and Lazybones.
I ought to combine them into one album called "Now This Is REALLY Retro!".
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Captain Groovy

Re:What Do You Call This Style of Music? 14 Years, 10 Months ago  
Definitely - you actually do it best. Honestly, Tiny Tim and Ian Whitcomb have gotten close - but you always nail it.

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Martin K

Came down for brekkie yesterday.... 14 Years, 10 Months ago  
..and announced to my dear partner, that I had "Una Paloma Blanca", stuck in my head.
I decided, that this was a "Paloma Blanca Day".
I swear I did not sing the song, but after mentioning this, I noticed(bless her), she was singing it whilst frying bacon.
I laughed very loudly, and was greeted with the words..."Oh thank you VERY much for that!"..
This raises the point, where does that sort of music fit in?
Timeless, catchy or retro??
Gawd, I am going to have to put the dang thing back on again, this was supposed to be "Kate Bush Day"....
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