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a question for Father Abraphart?
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TOPIC: a question for Father Abraphart?
a question for Father Abraphart? 14 Years, 8 Months ago  
Had your super song gone top 40 and was to be on Top of the Pops, how would you have presented it? I've never seen any footage so assume none exists.

Oh and my (German) mother-in-law finally got to hear the Athlete's Foot Official Munich Olympic Games theme( Well I like to share) and after listening to all of it declared that "sometimes there is a very thin line between someone coming across as clever and amusing with it and coming across as just being offensive" That would be a great epitaph I feel.

Finally &quot;Round Round&quot; got a recent play on &quot;Sounds of the Sixties&quot; at a listener's request! Going big in the psych pop collecting field now it would seem.<br><br>Post edited by: jk2006, at: 2006/02/23 05:07
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Re:a question for Father Abraphart? 14 Years, 8 Months ago  
Delighted to hear about Round Round - the very first anti drug song.
I had many times on Top of the Pops when they had to show my car on the rundown as they couldn't use ANOTHER pic of me!
That was for The Weathermen I believe; a name I got from my friend Phil Ochs who was visiting London.
As we wandered around Dickens' house I said &quot;I must come up with a name for this potential hit&quot; and he said &quot;why not call them The Weathermen - a group of serious anarchists busy blowing up Chicago who would have no humour about their image being hi jacked&quot;.
I did and they didn't!
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