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TOPIC: John Otway

John Otway 14 Years, 4 Months ago  
Listen up John Otway has done an album of covers and of them is I will survive can't remember who sang it first but John Otway does it true Bob Dylan style look out for it.
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Martin K

Re:John Otway 14 Years, 4 Months ago  
I have worked with John many a time, and he is a wonderful, gentle and indeed helpful man.
My first major theatre gig was supporting him with his band in 1978, and I needed a table, and he came out from his dressing room and set , the table, and my gear on it for me.
The cover album that I am sure you are listening to, was invented during , his wonderful monalogues onstage followed by a bizzare cover version at the end, of which the audience were unawhere as to what was about to happen.
My favourites live, were allways, "Crazy horses"(the Osmonds" and The House of The Rising Sun (Animals).
He is a genius of comedy, and is very tall, for the record!
The last time I worked with him, was as a sound engineer, and as I was setting microphones up for him, he apolgised, very nicely, and said he allways used his own these days.
I sat behind the sound desk, and watched him destroy four microphones! After the gig, he assured me, that he and his mate repaired them every morning!!
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Re:John Otway 14 Years, 4 Months ago  
I watched worst moments of tv on E4 and john otway was on there and I was so annoyed it was when he appeared on The Old grey Whistle Test dacing on stage doing hand-stands etc. Anyone who voted for that you make me sick and annoyed that is John Otway that is what he did.

He's planning a world tour
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