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Lib Dems smash election results !
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TOPIC: Lib Dems smash election results !
In The Know

Lib Dems smash election results ! 14 Years, 4 Months ago  
The Lib Dems have pulled off a sensational by-election victory in Dunfermline (the seat next door to Gordon Brown).

They overturned a Labour majority of 11.500 to win by 12.300 votes ! That's a swing to the Lib Dems of 16.4%

All the parties have had their "big guns" out in Dunfermline recently, including Gordon Brown and David Cameron (the Tories, incidentally came last - just behind the Ferret Fanciers Party !)

Even in their former heartland - Labour have never lost Dundermline before - they are despised and hated.

No wonder they are thinking of cancelling the May local elections is there?
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I have to admit I'd still vote Lib Dem; even more now they have lost Kennedy... 14 Years, 4 Months ago  
I never liked him. Problem is I don't like the alternatives either.
But they may grow on me and at least they are the only party who were RIGHT about not sanctioning our state murder campaign... which is why I voted for them in May.
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