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Jaded and Bored

I HATE EVERYTHING! 10 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
The modern world has truly gone to hell in a handcart and I hate everything about it.
From Twitter to Facebook to the constant whinging on this right or that right whilst inversely discriminating against others. But I will save that for a Your Views post when I can get round it. However I blame the failure of the music industry for this!

Once upon a time not too long ago we had interesting pop stars. Heck we had stars but now we don't.
Yes your Rihannas and Biebers of this world are still huge and if rumours are true Justin might be checking out of the music industry and going to be a Hillsong pastor. Great for him at least they are having fun at Hillsong and seem happy.

Today's music is pretentious beyond belief, no fun, all serious and up its own ass! The ones coming through are dull have no spark or star quality. I am even finding myself harking back to act like Atomic Kitten, Steps and co and boy oh boy I was no fan of them back in the day but compared to James Arthur, Ed Sheeran and others they are in a completely different league. Music was escapism from the awful real world and was diverse. You had Clff, Frankie and Michael. All different all creative in their own way. Not so today. We have lemmings all running in the same direction, chasing the golden goose formula.

Even the so called 'pure pop' stars are porn stars in disguise. The Songs are far too adult, harsh and aggressive and I truly fear for our kids. Simon has a lot to answer for because all of this stemmed from the legacy set by Idol, X-Factor and the Got Talent franchises where the sob story was King, talent was judged on how many money shot moments you could muster. MUSIC IS DEAD, SOCIETY IS COLLAPSING and we are to blame (the music industry). Mediocrity rules and the masses are getting their fix elsewhere (whinging, crying and attacking anyone who dares think differently to them. They are the new nazis).

What can be done? Who will dare try to reverse this crap? The majors won't as they are too invested in the malaise. We need renegades who will get up and address this from grass root level and oh lest I forget ban all twee folkie hipster singers and throw them in jail for crimes against music! This is what happens when music creativity dies. Sure the excess and exploitation had to go but now it's all gone Pete Tong.

The new model is here but the talent is not. It's all over goodnight sweetheart - IM OUT!
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