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100 billion streams in the UK
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TOPIC: 100 billion streams in the UK
100 billion streams in the UK 3 Weeks, 4 Days ago  
What is missing is the tiny monies earned with streaming; the crucial part that people no longer want to own music, just to listen to it; from analogue to digital to downloads to streaming. If only I'd become EMO Global Chairman. The music world would be a very different place. Still, change must come and we all grow old.
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Rarey Tipper

Re:100 billion streams in the UK 6 Days, 17 Hours ago  
What's interesting about what makes K/J-Pop so lucrative is that people DO want to own it. They can stream it and probably do, but they also want to be part of something and be proud to own the music. Remember when buying and handling records was a pleasure? The fold-outs, the artwork, admission to fan-clubs, badges, stickers etc? I understand that the "package" they buy is a lot more than just the CD/Vinyl too.

In the UK the industry saw CD's as a way to make more money whilst putting less into the product, downloads and streaming stripped it down to the core.

A whole generation has grown up here not knowing any different and I struggle to see that we'll ever get it back.

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Re:100 billion streams in the UK 6 Days, 1 Hour ago  
Yes times change - the industry should have made certain they replaced the desire for physical product (usually in order to have pictures of pretty boys or girls) by something else; just as retail should early on (I was going to do it in 2000 - with EMI owning the HMV stores - by having desks manned by lovers of different genres of music, to suggest other artistes) and to do deals with download companies (buy a download through HMV and get a 50% discount on online prices). I was going to start both a radio and TV music station online (way ahead of You Tube). And EMI would have started an iTunes type sales base (buying up online rights to other companies music). But Surrey Police (on behalf of Max Clifford) moved in instead. It was not to be.
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