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TOPIC: Harry & William -lies

Harry & William -lies 2 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
I'm beginning to hate most of the world's established media- the only thing true Trump has said is "FAKE NEWS" but unfortunately what he thinks is fake is actually the truth about him- his appalling daily lies which are there for the world to see.

This Guardian story about "royal fucking insiders" and "sources" is absolute bullshit etc etc (some old sleazebag boozing away in the corner pub).

Britain's media has been getting away with this crap for decades now and they are out of control
No matter what you think of the Royals if your views are formed by the daily media (including the BBC) you should just go and jump off a cliff.

Of course this newspaper is as bad as the others..parroting every invented tale as though it's fact.

William and Harry denounce 'offensive' newspaper report
January 13, 2020 — 11.38pm

London: Britain's Prince William and his younger brother Harry publicly denounced an "offensive" newspaper report about their relationship on Monday, as the royals met for crunch talks to discuss the future roles of Harry and his American wife Meghan.
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Re:Harry & William -lies 2 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Not quite sure why you put this on the Tipsheet forum Hedda - this is meant for MUSIC!
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Re:Harry & William -lies 2 Months, 1 Week ago  
Growing up and moving on is hard enough. The press are like the dysfunctional and narcissistic parent or boss who, due to their own survival issues, fears and insecurities, want their children to remain forever like little children, tied to the apron strings in a state of perpetual dysfunction and victimhood.

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