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Brits ratings down to 3.8 million
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TOPIC: Brits ratings down to 3.8 million
Brits ratings down to 3.8 million 1 Month ago  
In my day - 1990,91,92 - we had over 10 million. Scheduled before Valentine's Day to boost visits to retailers (it did; enormously).

The move to speciality as opposed to mass appeal music (which I describe as going from great music to ordinary music) closed shops, shrunk labels, lost artistes, killed global trade.
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Re:Brits ratings down to 3.8 million 1 Month ago  
I totally blame the music industry. Because they cannot, in the main, find, create, develop or promote great talent, they settle for the adequate but ordinary. Yes we still get Sheeran, Bieber, Adele and the really talented but the majority of the rest are simply not very good, with merely specialist appeal. It's as though painters restricted themselves to one colour. Yes - you would still get the odd superstar (Picasso's BLUE period) but mass appeal - all different colours and shades - would disappear.
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Re:Brits ratings down to 3.8 million 1 Month ago  
I got bored during the never-ending Dave and Stormzy bits and turned off knowing that if I missed something good I could see it on Youtube.
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