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Paedo Hunter - A Book I Think Many On This Forum Would Enjoy
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TOPIC: Paedo Hunter - A Book I Think Many On This Forum Would Enjoy
Neil Saunders

Paedo Hunter - A Book I Think Many On This Forum Would Enjoy 3 Months, 4 Weeks ago  
I hope JK permits me to tell you about my new book.

Several years ago, as a regular reader but not contributor to the forums, one of the correspondents described the dreadful, Stinson Hunter, as a ‘peedow hunter’. This planted a seed in my mind which has now born fruit. For a long time I’d been reading this forum, The Raccoon Arms and Jim Can’t Fix This. And I had come to the conclusion that Operation Yewtree was a hysterical witch hunt. Nobody much cared to check allegations, the Crown Prosecution Service maxim that ‘victims must be believed’ meant that ludicrous claims were taken seriously. Perhaps, to me, the saddest thing was how Jimmy Savile’s reputation is now completely destroyed with no hope of rehabilitation. I have no doubt that he groped women, but that happened all the time in those days. I’m not saying that was right. Of course is wasn’t. But most women over the age of 60 have some horror story about the office lech pinning them against the photocopier or some such anecdote. At the time of the first allegations (in The Oldie, I still have a copy of the magazine) someone wrote on a forum that they had attended the Manchester dance halls in the 60s as a teenager, and that Savile seemed to take a teenage girl home each night did not make him denounced as a nonce, but rather a lucky bastard. That Savile’s estate paid out to obvious liars – and only Carl Beech was ever charged with fraud – meant that he is now permanently disgraced.
I wrote Paedo Hunter about this mad time, and wrapped it around a story of online vigilantes. I think it is rather good. Now available as paperback, e-book and free to read with Kindle Unlimited through Amazon. Please take a look.
Best wishes
Neil Saunders
Link to Amazon page
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PC Hedda

Re:Paedo Hunter - A Book I Think Many On This Forum Would Enjoy 3 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
look forward to reading this.

Have to agree about Savile. I met him only once in the Broadcasting House foyer and thought at the time (he was ever so polite) that his "wacky" look and outfits were just a cover for a very experienced, hard nosed businessman.

But I knew plenty of people that either knew him or traveled in his world and I never heard one say anything beyond "Jimmy loves the young ones (" ..and not from real experience just gossip as all single male celebrities are the subject aged but so many slipped under the radar those days and in fact, I thought a lot of young teen ladies looked and dressed far older than they were ) and lets face it- young teenagers would fling themselves at anyone remotely famous..or.." I wonder if Savile is really gay".

Whatever the truth the entire Savile episode was a bizarre exercise in mass hysteria and a demand no claim be questioned.

## So odd to think Sir Keir Starmer actually got away with his pronouncement "believe the victim"..which, while anyone claiming to be a victim of crime most certainly deserves to be heard and treated sympathetically...but the fact he got away with turning an important British legal principal such as the notion of innocence completely on it's head and barely a whimper was heard from the legal fraternity, shows just how powerful a Witch Hunt can be. And he thrives because of it.
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