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TOPIC: A delightful E-Mail
A delightful E-Mail 4 Months, 1 Week ago  
arrived this morning.

What a year it's been - unbelievable, between the pandemic, the U.S. elections, racial tensions, Mideast unrest...and as always, I seek refuge in the music, sharing with friends and loved ones timeless songs from generations past. Somehow, music has always proven to be a uniting force, even where the greatest so-called "peace talks" have fallen short.

Recently, my friend hosted a karaoke singing party in her garden - and this is something that I hope will warm your heart. One of the songs I sang: "Everyone's Gone to the Moon." Everybody listening (mostly a crowd in their 30s, 40s and 50s) was silent and after I finished, with a nice round of applause, the host asked me, "Who sang that song?" "An artist/singer/songwriter from the U.K. named Jonathan King." She had the same observation that I did from the song; that sense of isolation, that even with a lot of people physically present, everyone seems focused on their gadgets; human interaction and the warmth of interpersonal communication seems to have all but evaporated! Then there is the "church full of singing...out of tune" and the "hands full of money...all in debt." How true, even today!

She said to me, "God, you grew up with the best music, unlike much of the crap that's out there today." I went on to share with her other songs like "A Very Very Melancholy Man," "Mary My Love," "Green is the Grass" and other songs of yours and I told her about how instrumental you were in the formation of Genesis and your involvement with 10cc, two bands that both she and I enjoy.

The point of this lengthy message is to thank you for being part of a soundtrack that has shaped my life - and I am only too happy to do my part to turn younger generations on to your work and that of other artists I have enjoyed listening to.
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