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TOPIC: Brits and Eurovision
Brits and Eurovision 3 Months ago  
Both The Brits (which I named - acronym for British Record Industry Trusts Show - and brought back to life after the disaster that was Sam and Mick '89) to reflect my time as Host, Writer and Producer in 1987 - which then (90-92) was massively successful - over 10 million viewers - and Eurovision which I took over for the UK in 1995 and won in 1997 - need a JK to take them back to glory.

Trouble is there appears to be no JK in our music industry (including America where past stars like Clive Davis and Doug Morris have also faded away).

The Brits should also be entertaining TV. I managed that with such things as Maggie Thatcher crooning How Much Is That Doggy In The Window and my Great British Weekend of live music at Wembley, including several unsigned acts like Carter USB.

And Eurovision should be high on the BBC priority list, every year showcasing great songWRITERS - past, present and future - boosting the art, the learning, the skills - from people like Ivor Novello and Noel Coward to the current collaborations (I hate them) involving dozens of writers in committee. It's all part of the art, from Rap to Garage, classical to pop.

If I was producing it I'd be visiting friends from Elton to Sting, Taylor Swift to Dizzee Rascal (who might be grateful for my advice on other matters). I'd feature past smashes by the likes of Gary Glitter when examining the talent of Mike Leander. Be controversial. Be fun. DON'T be woke.

My ideal entry for this year (in the film The Great ReSet) is linked below.


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Re:Brits and Eurovision 3 Months ago  
470 views to this thread so far; illustrating how few are now interested in music. Over on Your Views we get ten times that in 30 mins.

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Green Man

Re:Brits and Eurovision 3 Months ago  
Were you listening to Ben Hoffman when you wrote that JK ?
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