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Stupid music industry; Eurovision flops
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TOPIC: Stupid music industry; Eurovision flops
Stupid music industry; Eurovision flops 1 Month ago  
Whilst Sam Ryder's decent entry drops from 2-6 (NOT a real hit) the stupid awful Ukrainian track goes from 38 to 96 for its second week on the chart. Really, how DARE the EBU get a Song Contest involved in stupid politics?
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Re:Stupid music industry; Eurovision flops 1 Month ago  
Spaceman drops out of the UK Top Ten third week; really what HAS gone wrong with the British music industry? And that Ukrainian rubbish leaves the Top 100. Global music industry collapses taking Eurovision with it. We really do self destruct, don't we?
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Re:Stupid music industry; Eurovision flops 4 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
For those who say "why on earth bother? Nobody cares these days" I say - well, in my youth the music industry was not just a luxury it was an essential - like food, drink, breath. And our lives were hugely enhanced by it. Even well before I was born, Great Britain was dominant in the world of music. Our songwriters dominated - Noel Coward; Ivor Novello. That art is being lost by those in charge these days; nobody cares or, rather, the few who DO care have no idea how to promote the art and encourage it.

If I were still running Eurovision (the UK end) I'd insist on a variety of high profile, main channel shows entertaining but also education viewers about the art of songwriting and the history of it. The BBC should be boosting the arts of writing music, producing it, performing it, promoting it.

A tragic loss for the depth of enjoyment in being a human being. Yet again, superficiality and stupidity win.
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Green Man

Re:Stupid music industry; Eurovision flops 4 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
I am in a coffee shop now. All they are playing are hits from the 80s, that we know.
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