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My Brits review - see Attitudes & Opinions (nm)
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TOPIC: My Brits review - see Attitudes & Opinions (nm)
My Brits review - see Attitudes & Opinions (nm) 15 Years, 2 Months ago  
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Prince - excellent but... 15 Years, 2 Months ago  
A nice burst of really well done nostalgia is fine but...

Aren't we all rather tired of slightly older (20 years) stars replicating their past achievements (he's never topped Little Red Corvette, IMHO) with very nearly perfect photo copies (girl musos; neat outfits) except for a few wrinkles, some creaking bones and some slightly lower keys?

And isn't it sad when, for pure originality, very few can compete?

That's why I really like Blunt. He's unusual.
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Re:My Brits review - see Attitudes & Opinions (nm) 15 Years, 2 Months ago  
Found it quite weird Mr JK that you think Paul Weller is over rated . I understand he is a stroppy and at times hard to deal with individual but over rated? I cant see it. He's had a couple of turkey's of albums but to be able to sustain a career for nearly 30 years and also to have some very cool classic songs in that time is far from over rated.I also think his set was the only one on the night that showed balls and passion and real energy. But then again its just an opinion i guess.
As for Captain Blunt ...I thought James Blunt looked like a little kid on stage or was trying his best to look like " oh my god I cant believe im here" It will be interesting to see if he lasts. I have the album so im not slating his material but as a person.....twat springs to mind !
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Weller; a personal bias since every time I've met him I found him obnoxious... 15 Years, 2 Months ago  
A couple of Jam tracks were terrific; some really good soul songs when Style Council and a few decent solo efforts but many regard him as a God and I just hear an adequate British pop star who never sold much globally.

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