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TOPIC: Billy Russell

Billy Russell 14 Years, 8 Months ago  
Billy Russell (Bluebird Records) and one-time manager of Long John Baldry, passed away last Thursday.
He had been suffering from cancer for some time.
He was a real record man, and will be sadly missed.
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Colin Watts

Re:Billy Russell 12 Years, 2 Months ago  
I was very sorry to learn of the passing of Billy Russell ex-Bluebird Records owner. He was clearly a knowledge in the record industry, passionate about his business, and he gave me a job in his company.
He was at times a cantankerous personality but held in very high regard.
He was also a private person, and I have many happy memories working in his team. I'm not sure if has any family, but my thoughts and prayers are with him. R.I.P. Billy Russell
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Re:Billy Russell 12 Years, 2 Months ago  
I get very sad when old threads like this - from over two years ago - get picked up on; I've just posted a thread on The Velvet Rope about Paul Marshall (see elsewhere) - are we the only place, apart from Billboard and, to some extent, Music Week, to post and mourn the passing of friends and legends of our past?

What will happen when I go? A few mentions in the tabloids about a Vile Pervert? Nothing mentioning Genesis, 10cc, The Bay City Rollers, Rocky Horror, the Brits, winning Eurovision?

Tommy was round for dinner and gasped at the Gold Discs hung on my stairs by brother Andy and nephew Wills - so many of his music heroes and he never knew I had anything to do with any of them.

But internet posts will disappear into the ether; transitory, ethereal, mists and ghosts...

Well, humanity - it's your loss, not mine; the world is a little less enhanced by the lack of interest in our essential history.
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Re:Billy Russell 12 Years, 2 Months ago  
ashes to ashes.
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dj darren

Re:Billy Russell 12 Years, 1 Month ago  
I am sorry to hear of billy's passing. I used to buy my tunes from bluebird records when I was an up and coming dj. I spent all my pocket money and school dinner money in there and in some of the other import record stores including city sounds, groove and record shack.
I will never forget the queues at the counter on friday and saturday as dj's and punters would buy the latest american imports and brit funk releases. I never did like queues so I used to bunk off school on wednesday and thursday when everyone was at work and I had the shop to myself!
Message for JK2006 Your post was very interesting but sadly so true of this narrow minded country where there is no justice for the innocent. I have often thought of you who was in my opinion the original simon cowell with 100 times more talent! I am only sorry we have never met personally. I did attend the walton hop disco in surrey on several occasions as my cousins live nearby. I also applied to be a presenter on your show no limits which was the making of jenny powell and the postman who got my job bless him!
I hope you are able to contact me directly at It would be really good to here from one of my all time music faves.
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Paris Holley, "I Choose You"

Re:Billy Russell 11 Years, 8 Months ago  
I met Billy in 1984 when he came to see me about "I Choose You", we hit it off right away. Billy wanted me to come
to London but I was under contract with a record company and could not go at that time. I kept in touch with Billy
up until he died, he never told me he was sick. I called and called and called, no answer. I found out he had passed
away by the people who took over Blue Bird Records. I talked to him about a month before he died and I told him I was
sending another song that would be bigger than I Choose You. His last words to me were "SMASHING,Ill BE WAITING FOR THIS!
When I heard he was gone I when into my yard lit a fire and took the master's of "Now That I Found You" and tossed them
in to the fire and look up to the sky and said, Billy here are the tracks I promised you. From the day I have never been
able to get over Billy's death, I have never met anyone who was so down to earth as Billy Russell and I will never
forget Him. PARIS. P.S. If any of Billy's family reads this I would love to have a picture of Billy and to talk to a family member who was close to him.
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Re:Billy Russell 11 Years, 8 Months ago  
Very strange how this thread keeps jumping up in views - I suspect it's to do with Google and Billy; yet another sad irony, Mike Ashwell, who started this thread, died himself in August.

I'm sure Mike continues to monitor our Forum from Heaven.
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Paris Holley

Re:Billy Russell 10 Years, 3 Months ago  
I will make sure Billy Russell is never forgotten, if someone anyone has a good picture of Billy Please
send me a copy to my email
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Adam Fleming

Re:Billy Russell 1 Year, 1 Month ago  
I was a friend of Bill's and carried the coffin at his funeral.
He would smile with all the comments on him.
He does not have any family.
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