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TOPIC: barry ryan

barry ryan 15 Years, 2 Months ago  
I went through my dads lps and early tapes and I found Barry Ryan and Paul Ryan - not on the same album though.

I put it on just out of curiosity and I like the way they both dress. I want know if anyone can tell me more about them and what Barry Ryan does now Paul Ryan died of cancer.<br><br>Post edited by: jk2006, at: 2006/02/19 15:53
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Manager Man

Re:barry ryan 15 Years, 2 Months ago  
They were the twin sons of TV crooner Marion Ryan. They got a big break because Mum was &quot;seeing&quot; a major show biz impressario (can't remember which one).

Had a few minor hits together, then split with one (Paul?) concentrating on writing and the other Barry continuing to record as a soloist.

He had a UK No 1 with &quot;Eloise&quot; and also had some success in Germany, I think.
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Bernard Delfont, I think; they may even have married (nm) 15 Years, 2 Months ago  
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Martin K

Re:Bernard Delfont, I think; they may even have married (nm) 15 Years, 2 Months ago  
Barry Ryan, I believe, was a hairdresser, with that wicked one off hit, Eloise.
The Damned had a big hit with the same song , in around 1989ish, which was just after a guy called Robbin Macauley, had a go at making it a hit.
Macauleys attempt, was , I believe, produced by Frank Farian, of Boney M Fame, and many other productions.
I havent checked Google, sadly all this useless trivia is embedded in my head!
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Re:barry ryan 15 Years, 2 Months ago  
Hope this might be interesting for you to read.

Born Paul and Barry Sapherson in Leeds, October 24,1948

Their father left when they were 4 years old and the boys were raised by their grandmother back in Leeds and at Boarding school, while their mother pursued her career in London.

They left school at 16 and went to Israel for a break.
Meanwhile their mother married her manager Harold Davidson, one of Britain's most important successful promoters, responsible for bringing over such artists as Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Harold spotted the twins had potential and the wheels were set in motion and the boys signed to Decca. Nobody grumbled about nepotism in those more innocent days.

Success soon followed with a 2 year string of top 50 hits. They were hardly ever off the television screens in that period and probably suffered from over exposure.

Paul had always had a dislike of performing live so a compromise was reached and Barry became a solo artist with Paul remaining in the background as chief composer.

Barry's first solo single &quot;Eloise&quot;in October 1968 was a massive hit with a fantastic production, making it stand out from many of its rivals at the time. Only &quot;The Good, The Bad and The Ugly&quot; kept it off the top spot in the UK.

The feat was not to be repeated, though he did manage a few more minor hits with some excellent singles between 1968 and 1972 on both MGM and Polydor records. Paul and Barry worked together again on some new material for Polydor but without success. Barry stayed in the headlines, linked to Princess Meriam Johore, daughter of the extremely wealthy Sultan and they eventually married in 1976.

Thereafter Barry's career began a downward spiral. He described the next 4 years as &quot;Travelling the world, drinking and shopping&quot; and his marriage ended in 1980.

Paul remained a songwriter and did have a solo LP in 1976 and a very collectible single on the RAK label under tha name &quot;Matayo&quot;. He wrote hits for others such as Dana and Frank Sinatra.

Barry then took a new career path and is now a successful portrait and fashion photographer.

Unlike many siblings, the bond between the twins was always strong up until Paul's untimely death from lung cancer in 1992 at the age of just 44. Barry told friends it felt like a part of him had died and with his mother and step father living in America, he felt especially alone.

In the aftermath of all this, he became stronger, took charge of his life and subsequently remarried. He now has 2 children and lives happily in London, pursuing his career in photography and occasional trips to Germany for concerts and broadcasts.
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