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Medical officer talks bollocks
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TOPIC: Medical officer talks bollocks
Medical officer talks bollocks 2 Months ago  
NHS England national medical director Dr Stephen Powis.

"We have had a rise in the number of UK cases, but recently we have had a bit of a plateau," he continues.

"It's early days, we're not out of the woods - we're very much in the woods - but it's very important we keep complying with those instructions."

He adds that the rate of hospital admissions has been increasing - but that is expected at this stage.

He adds: "We must not be complacent and we must not take our foot off the pedal."

All cliches as usual!!!

Surprised he didnt mention a bear in those woods!!!!
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Re:Medical officer talks bollocks 2 Months ago  
And the bear was driving a Rolls Royce, smoking a cigar, behaving like an octopus and giving away £20 notes!
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Re:Medical officer talks bollocks 2 Months ago  
The advisors and scientists and politicians are gradually causing a game theory-style mess of their own making. Some of them are clearly making statements inspired by the idea, 'Exaggerate like mad and you'll scare people to be more disciplined now so that we can ease restrictions earlier than we said'. Others are working on the principle that you should simply say what you think will happen. The danger with the exaggeration model is that, if the public rumbles you, they'll not believe a thing you say. The danger with the honest model is the public might prove too optimistic in their take on what you say. But when you've both models being used inside the same government, you've got chaos.
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