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King of Hits
Trawl by Media PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 03 December 2015
The Tremeloes are the latest 60s Pop Stars to be accused and we cant comment, not knowing the details other than those covered in depth by the media. Enough to say on that - it is clearly yet another trawl by media case - police hoping for further claims to emerge, as they inevitably will, because that is the point of it. Whether or not the claims will be legitimate or false may or may not be tested in court.

But it is interesting that the approach is maturing. 15 years ago Mick Hucknall, Paul Weller and Jonathan King were all accused of Sex Offences. Since then this situation has avalanched. Pop and rock stars have always been accused of inappropriate relationships with young fans - indeed some boast about it in biographies. Read Bob Geldofs book. Like numerous others, he implies that was one of the reasons for getting into a group. Allegations against the bigger stars have tended not to emerge. Who knows why? Cliff was probably the biggest so far. The word groupies has passed into legend. If, now, police, CPS and Judges regard old stars as legitimate targets for Justice (if that is what it is), who can say which other global superstars may be about to suffer? Of course, dead rockers are unable to prove their innocence and it is equally hard for living ones to prove they did not do something. Naturally, legal heads will say they should not have to; the presumption of innocence still rules in court. But does it?

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