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King of Hits
Hypocrisy rules in the UK PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 20 December 2015
I have no problem with police and CPS devoting a huge percentage of their time and budgets on investigating and prosecuting claims of ancient abuse, if that is what our society genuinely wants.

Likewise, if a society deems homosexuality to be wrong and a crime, it is fair that police clamp down on it. And it is up to citizens to choose whether they want to live in that society or move elsewhere, if they can; just as it is the right of Syrians to decide to leave a country if they do not like what is going on there.

Or try to change the society in the country.

The problem is when hypocrisy takes over and hypocrisy has ruled in the UK for ages. Claiming to be a democracy but not actually being one. Pretending to be one thing whilst allowing another.

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