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Trolls, anti-semites and religious nuts PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 March 2016
Trolls, anti-semites and religious nuts

Have you noticed how trolls, like vampires, cannot see their own reflections in mirrors? If they could they would stop their bile and hatred (most, these days, found in the comments sections under media articles or on social media, like Twitter).

They decided heaven had arrived in buckets with Lord Janner. He was Jewish, and a big supporter of the cause. For some reason all trolls seem to be anti-semitic or religious loonies or both. It dawned on me - they are believers. It doesn't matter what, be it philosophy, conspiracy or lizards.

Child abuse is much more fun to rail against when linked to a faith - anti-semites adore it as a cause, as do those hating Catholics or Church of England or even Muslims (Rochdale and others). When I released a song called Satans Ultimate Weapons of Mass Destruction I got far more hatred from the trolls than for my Harold Shipman song, which pointed out that the media might have inflated his crimes.

And my troll level dropped alarmingly when they discovered that Jonathan is not my real name and I am not actually Jewish.

You will be believed. Yes it all drops into place. Some brains, incapable of depth of thought, find it easier to believe simple slogans and headlines than to indulge in reasoned consideration.

Which explains the popularity of Donald Trump. Where is Adolph when you need him?

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