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At last! The legal profession wakes up. PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 18 March 2016
Barbara Hewson writes a two page article in the prestigious legal monthly The Barrister on the False Allegations Industry.

This is a really good analysis of the exploding crime industry with specific examples. It is a crucial break through because, for 16 years, despite numerous successful appeals and failed prosecutions, the you will be believed mantra has been accepted.

Not any more.

Now not only police chiefs and top politicians but the legal profession has seen the light.

Not just many but most allegations are false - at very least exaggerations; at worst total inventions.

And Hewson goes forensically through the motives. Obviously money and greed for cash is the biggest one but the numerous others are listed for barristers and QCs defending the falsely accused. And for police and CPS who are also starting to spot the obvious liars (whilst continuing to go along with the better actors).

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