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King of Hits
Do we all need to know about the Cox killer? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 18 June 2016
Yet again we watch the media go into overdrive, making a hero out of the latest loony to kill someone.

Is this wise?

Just like America has a new star - the loony who killed gays in Orlando.

It goes back decades. I remember resenting the media turning the bonkers nut into a star when he killed my friend John Lennon.

Why do we do this? The mad people lust for fame. Should we give it to them? Just because we love a good story and have always been happiest watching lions eat Christians?

I have experienced this myself, of course. As has Cliff, Gambo, Davidson, Tarbuck, Starr and many others. And, of course, the ones it works best on - Rolf or the dead celebs. It is the least attractive aspect of humanity.

There but for the grace of God, we sigh.

Show us more individual misery.

I do not like it. Does anyone remember the days when football hooligans or streakers or protesters were not shown in broadcasts of tennis games or sports events?

Those days are long since gone. Show the viewers the drama seems to be the new media approach.

Close up on that flare going off in the face of an official. What a shame he wasn't blinded or had lots of blood. That blood on a football player a couple of days ago was great. More of that please. Where the fuck are those lions we booked?

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