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Police become murderers PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 August 2016
You cannot blame a policeman tasering someone who appears dangerous. He or she was not to know the mans heart might give up.

But this does indicate faulty police behaviour. Training should have taught the officer when and how to use the taser with minimal dangers to potential victims. And that has been the problem.

Of course there were always dodgy cops corruptly bending evidence and cutting corners.

I believe the majority did it with the best intentions - guaranteeing convictions for obvious, definite major criminals. But as they changed the laws to enable more convictions and increased the demand for targets by police, behaviour and training slipped, allowing more and more bad officers, looking for praise, promotion and bigger budgets, to bend the rules and become criminals themselves.

Which is why the False Allegations Industry sprang up (who can blame those wanting legal cash by saying or doing something that cannot be proven lies?) and why there are so many police in our nation's prisons these days (I met several inside).

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