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Theresa May in serious trouble; today's Times PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 14 October 2016
The Times this morning carries numerous shocking allegations about the absurd Child Sex Abuse Inquiry which will soon, certainly, be abandoned. One of the fascinating aspects is the quantity of leaks - not just about this; on an entirely different matter I have been reading extraordinary letters sent to and replied by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary.

Several things are emerging. The extraordinary levels of dishonesty and secrecy in the False Allegations Industry - in order not to damage the truly abused, in part, and their own motives, in bulk.

The quantity of proven lies or misunderstandings or insufficient evidence in sex abuse claims is finally influencing media editors and bosses. 1,670 claims of sex abuse to one small police force (Surrey) in 2015 yet only 242 sent on to the CPS and far fewer prosecuted or convicted - and the vast majority of the tiny quantity of convictions come after Guilty pleas - often by innocent people told they will get reduced sentences if they plea bargain. Multiply that by all the Police Forces in Great Britain and even the most convinced abuse enabler gasps in shock.

Yes; May has become well aware of how many liars, loonies or deluded claims there are compared to real victims. As is anybody involved in examining allegations. And she, like the rest, is terrified of admitting it. But she is coming close to being exposed. If it happens before she admits it and does something about it, like the resigned CSA people, she will be toast.

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