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King of Hits
Cliff, Gambo, Paddick, Brittan and the Lords PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 18 October 2016
Fascinating but I shall allow the coverage in the traditional media to report, as much of my detail is private.

However I repeat my worry that this amendment is not only a band aid but actually dangerous.

I can predict, from my experiences 16 years ago, that police will simply charge after arrest and interview, get much greater and more damaging publicity as a result and provoke many more band wagoners to leap aboard the compensation and media fee hay truck. Ably assisted by bent lawyers.

Virtually every prosecution will drop the stalking horses and pursue the better, later arrivals.

Two crucial changes are needed.

Parliament needs to demand that police search for the truth, not just convictions - forcing them to examine false accusers like Nick and Danny Day before proceeding with investigations.

And the law needs to reject one persons uncorroborated word as evidence (and consign the similar fact trick to the legal dustbin).

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