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Henriques and his excellent report PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 November 2016
A poster tells the story of an innocent friend of theirs prosecuted and convicted for a minor sex offence. I commented that, quite possibly, if the Henriques recommendations had been in force at the time, police would have had to have examined her computer and phone and would have realised that there was no likely chance of conviction.

Or, at least the CPS would have rejected any prosecution.

This and the many other strongly worded recommendations (often contradicting previous police official decisions) will, at very least, influence judges in any future trials.

Sir Richard is a highly respected Judge (I researched him on appointment to this role and spoke to many with personal experience of him). His balanced and sensible comments are pure gold. Judicial treasure, worth millions.

Apart from anything else, I sense that both CPS and intelligent police have gone right off the False Allegations Industry.

And many, in both organisations, would be delighted to see the law rein in the thousands of lunatic, deluded, mistaken or greedy accusers.

It is costing BILLIONS in time, budgets and costs.

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