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False Accusers PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 November 2016
Inspired by the Henriques Report recommendations that police must examine the background of false accusers (as illustrated by the Ched Evans case though she, poor girl, never wanted to make any false allegations but was told to do so by others - the real criminals) - Sir Richard specifies that the mobile phones, computers and smart units should be seized and examined before anybody is arrested.

But there are other clues.

When they bravely waive anonymity - usually for financial reward - as Danny Day did and as my original accuser did (though police and courts were sensible enough to dump his false allegations) - you can be pretty sure they are inventing or at least exaggerating.

Likewise, when they howl with protest at any suggestions that something like the IICSA should be examined or improved, they are not at all keen for the truth to emerge (false accusers are, by definition, against the truth).

Those who shout the loudest are hiding the most. They think noise deflects examination.

The genuinely abused accept that there are many shades of truth and never condemn those searching for the truth. Which is why they, like the wrongly convicted, most need our help.

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