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Sunday, 25 June 2017
Nothing wrong with this; indeed; common sense. The May woman should have done it (hahaha). People seem to be missing the point. Jeremy represents the alternative; very attractive to many (including myself). This is the man who dared vote against his party many many times because he felt New Labour was little better than Tories and many agree.

Traditional media keep bringing up his past - without understanding that people adapt over time and he appears to be altering his extreme views into more appropriate modern ones without abandoning his basic morality. These days most would agree - invading Iraq and killing millions of innocent Arabs was a serious mistake - only 13 MPs of all parties were brave enough to say so at the time. Even the Lib Dems, in coalition, agreed to help the US kill innocent Libyans.

Whether or not one agrees with Corbyn that dropping Trident and using the money saved to build more hospitals, increase cyber security, stop terrorism, replace cladding, build schools is a good idea - it is at least different to the past (Tories, New Labour, Coalition).

And all the pathetic attempts to condemn him over past girlfriends and other trivial matters only make sensible people think "My God those against him are not just stupid but nasty" - because it helps Corbyn instead of damaging him.

Why were people so astonished by the Election result? Most sensible people expected it. The campaign against Corbyn was so obviously flawed that many would be - and were - turned against both Media and Establishment. Given the chance to see and hear politicians for ourselves, the lies became obvious and the truth clear (even by omission - such as May's advisors saying "For God's sake don't let the public see the real thing; she's a car crash").

Corbyn is a nasty man? No; we saw for ourselves; he isn't. He's a loony lefty? No, we heard his words; he isn't. His policies don't add up? No, they did - by his raising taxes (politicians NEVER admit that in advance) and borrowing more (after we'd all been brainwashed into thinking that borrowing was worse than saving lives).

I wasn't surprised by Jeremy's success. I was simply astonished that more people didn't see through the media and Tory stupid campaign. Which, of course, they are doing more and more now and - as sensible people come around more and more to seeing that even a Tory minority was a serious mistake (like Brexit was) - the smaller percentage will become the bigger one. Unless May goes, the Tories will go sooner rather than later. Only if they find a better leader (as France did with Macron) can the Tories beat Labour as things stand.

Just watch the Brexit negotiations. As they go on, with more and more rejections by the EU of stupid May suggestions, the UK will begin to howl "not only do we want to reverse the Brexit decision - we want a new government".

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