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False Accusers can be SOOO stupid PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 23 September 2017
Looking back on cases (the tiny tip of the giant iceberg towards which the British Judicial System has been heading for around 20 years) - the stupidity of False Accusers amazes me.

Take Jemma Beale. Didn't she KNOW that her earlier successes creating innocent victims would get examined in due course?

Take the Ched Evans woman - yes, sadly manipulated by cops but surely she knew her history would emerge at one point - and she was young enough to know that social media has altered that anonymity safety net? I hear she has run off to Australia to escape attention. Wake up, girl; the Internet is global - whereas years ago False Accusers were safe by law, these days nobody can stop Australian media - and Social Media - smearing you, as they did, have and will.

Take Danny Day - we all know the CPS and Police were the most to blame, not checking the other side of the false allegation and discovering his appalling past and had it not been for his wonderful wife, he would have got away with it; David Bryant just another of the thousands of innocents blocking up our prisons. But Darling Danny was SOOO stupid not thinking "oops; this could go badly wrong".

Take Nick - oh, they already have.

But False Accusers, like Trolls, are often borderline mad and the insanity blocks common sense. They are assisted in this by many police who have no idea about common sense either and, blinkered into only looking for one side and one outcome, fail to spot the signs that could ruin the agenda, often crossing over the Conspiracy To Pervert The Course Of Justice line.

I'm still convinced there will soon be prosecutions for that and for perjury amongst our fine boys and girls in blue.

It was always said that criminals and cops are incredibly similar. I reckon that shared link has grown alarmingly.

False Accusers. Your past will catch up with you. That crime you committed that nobody knew about. They are about to find out, as you drag the spotlight towards you. That secret you kept from your loved ones? Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram - hey; secret no longer when you hit their headlines. That ambition to make thousands in compensation? You may find it turns into time in a jail cell originally occupied by your victim.

And the sad thing is that the genuinely abused, who also often have dark secrets, will find those get lit up too and your quest for justice, thanks to the False Allegations Industry, becomes far worse torture than the original abuse.

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