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Wednesday, 29 August 2018
Police, false accusers and media

The story in the media about a 14 year old Claridges waiter - we proved he was over 16 and Claridges swore they would never have employed a 14 year old in that job. In court he boasted that he “made £500 a week at Claridges” - unusual for a junior waiter - £500 then is worth about £2000 today. £100,000 a year seems an awfully large amount for just waiting. As I say in GUILTY, perhaps he was also working Room Service.

We discovered a lot about this man (now in his 60s) from neighbours, relations and others; which would have been presented to the jury had the trial proceeded. He was banned from holding a Directorship for 6 years, following some very suspect dealings with a company that went bust, owing huge amounts. His father had been about to be tried for raping his sisters, but had died from cancer before the court case could be brought, and had always said, if he went down he would be taking his son with him, as the “Claridges waiter” had raped his own sister numerous times when she was ten and he was twenty.

But what astonished me was discovering that both Surrey Police and the CPS had colluded in covering this up, as it would have damaged their case against me. The sister had been due to give evidence (if you could call it that) against me but they decided to assure her they had decided not to call her as a witness. So a child rapist walks free to rape again because they needed him to try to jail me, an innocent man. 

The story about the man (in 1970) on whom I stuck a badge, praising him for his bravery in having sex with me, whilst again making headlines when the bent prosecutor smeared it to the jury, fell apart in court when my QC asked him to describe this badge. He admitted it had been an “imaginary” badge. In which case, my QC asked him, how come he had described in detail that he tore it off and threw it away after leaving my house. He had to admit that had been “imaginary” too. And did a mime, removing the imaginary badge and throwing it, imaginarily, away. Two jurors openly giggled. Like when he boasted, in 1991, to a Scottish journalist that he had been in my “imaginary” group The Weathermen (except he claimed it was not imaginary, it was real, and he was a member). In court he had to admit that had been “a fantasy”. Like having sex with me. Which he hastily shouted - was NOT a fantasy. More juror smiles.

This was just one of many who brought Kenny Everett into his claims - Kenny came out as gay and is of course now dead; two reasons to include his name. Kenny, a dear friend, liked butch, moustachioed older men and had no interest in either women or boys.

All this illustrates the importance of good detective work; something I had failed to do in 2000 and had learned my lesson, which I now pass on to you in case, God forbid, you get accused in the future.

Another man said he was inspired to come forward by seeing the “victims” of Barry Bennell, the soccer coach, after his conviction, appear on TV (they do love publicity almost as much as compensation cash, these “victims”). Which was odd, as I’ve never been a soccer coach. I’ve been many things, even a Vile Pervert, but never a soccer coach. Then we discovered that the false accuser’s brother had, for years, coached an under 15 soccer team. Still does, we gather. Well, perhaps he’s now decided not to. Can of worms.

The importance of having a really good investigator (rare as a hen’s teeth) cannot be stressed too strongly. And also, when police take the stand, be prepared for them to rat on colleagues as fast as going down a drainpipe. One of the police in my case threw all the blame on her senior officer, now, conveniently, in a mental hospital.

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