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Monday, 03 September 2018
Police will do far more than"you will be believed" if they have an agenda - such as getting their own back for criticism of their behaviour and protecting "one of their own" (there are more bent cops in jail than you could ever imagine - rarely publicised in the media, which hates to kill off a good story).

A Rolls Royce will ALWAYS be mentioned. So will "a twenty pound note" (or a fiver if the alleged assault took place 48 years ago). They like to involve cigars if possible. Likewise personal information such as circumcision (especially if that kind of detail can be gleaned somewhere on the Internet).

Often these cases start with one false accuser, either inspired by media publicity such as "soccer coach arrested" or "vicar defrocked", or - in extreme situations featuring a bent cop or ex-cop - by persuading someone to manufacture a claim (example - Max Clifford and that ghastly Nadine woman in The Hamiltons case - constructed at the behest of a billionaire). And providing them with detail gleaned online - often inaccurately.

Then, if someone is a celebrity, the media takes over after arrest (or, if Parliament falls for the police encouraged change, after charge - in which case cops simply will charge on arrest, easily done), and in the case of an ordinary man or woman, in local media coupled with social media, these days equally effective at spreading the word that compensation may be available.

In my time in prison I once saw a couple of young lads, over a meal, examining the local paper. "What are you villains up to?" I asked. By then I was friends with most inmates and officers. "Oh, hi JK, we're checking the paper for any cases of sex abuse involving a teacher or priest or doctor and we simply then add our names to the complainants, getting a few hundred in compo and all the perks given in prison for victims". "But you have to prove you've met them", I say. "Oh no, police simply take our word for it", they answered.

As Sir Richard Henriques said, once "you will be believed" took over and officers were instructed to consider all victims totally honest, the door was opened for the deluded, the greedy, liars, exaggerators, those after revenge or custody of kids or fame or sympathy...

And 27 others will "come forward" when the publicity kicks in. As I say in GUILTY, those who bravely waive their anonymity in the media often bravely wave hello to large media cheques. In my case, 18 years ago, one false accuser, whose claims were all thrown out before my trial, made £60,000 from media interviews and brazenly admitted it to interviewers.

Do watch THE TRUTH AWAKENS on the VilePervert site or on You Tube to hear and see Deniz' story.

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