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Police Tricks 12 - and JK on ITN PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 October 2018
Baroness Kennedy today, on the news. discusses the broken judicial system and honestly admits it not only damages the female's chance of integrity but also the appalling male dangers of the False Allegations Industry. She spoke a lot of sense.

I was also interviewed for the News - by TV's Julian Druker who is doing a feature for Ch5 News on the Surrey Police debacle (HHJ Taylor's word) of Operation Ravine and my wrongful prosecution and the CPS disastrous Failure To Disclose issue (see Photos on my site).

Julian pointed out that my case actually shows a glimmer of light - the system worked this time with several of the false claims against me being declared NOT GUILTY and all the others being abandoned with any retrial thrown out.

Due to be broadcast tonight October 15th 2018 or tomorrow, depending on the Royal Baby.

We also discussed the new Internet - how it can assist defence as well as how it is used by false accusers and police assisting them.

And the CPS claim to ITN that the 47 sex claims ordered abandoned cost a mere £80,000 to the public purse - the reality is, of course, that each one will have cost around £100,000 in police and CPS time and effort before being decided to be prosecuted (examples - Paul Gambaccini, Cliff Richard, Tremeloes, Jim Davidson, Jimmy Tarbuck etc) - so the 47 would have cost us (you and me) around 4.7 million. And so many more are costing - today - so much more.

Quite apart from the damage to the innocent convicted; families; friends; employers.

And those who commit suicide rather than suffer the agonies of the rape of their lives (in my case lasting three years this time around).

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