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Wednesday, 17 October 2018
Continuing my series of posts regarding Police and CPS sloppiness or deliberate subterfuge.

Slowly but surely everything seized from my house in 2000, 2001 and 2015 has been returned to me. Strange, you will say, that material taken 18 years ago is only now being returned. Snap!

But contained in it is a load of evidence proving that I was not in London at certain times years ago when I was convicted of committing a crime in London then - deliberately withheld by Surrey Police.

How can I say "deliberately"? Fair enough and I cannot guarantee it was not accidental. But, for example, the statement taken from News of the World journalist Sean O'Brien (now a PR guy) in 2001, detailing his interview with one False Accuser in 1997, which is totally different from that man's claims in 2001 and for which I was convicted and given 7 years, would certainly have made Jurors think "oops" if not "ugh".

And they would probably not have convicted me.

Which implies that Surrey Police deliberately withheld it from my defence.

I'm finding more and more similar proof of my innocence from way back then.

My point for readers? Always devote every waking second to examining and questioning every single police and CPS action. Accidental sloppiness is understandable if rare. But persistent conspiracy to attempt to pervert the course of justice is commonplace these days in sex claims and it may get your case thrown out - if your judge is honest and decent.

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