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Saturday, 10 November 2018
So what next for MWT? I suspect the only remedy for his past sins would be prosecution - for attempting to pervert the course of justice or perjury or fraud or some other serious dishonesty.

I don't think there is yet a crime called Provoking or Encouraging False Allegations which, I have to say, is the main offence of which he may be guilty.

Why would he do this? The answer goes right back to the 1990's and his career as a very junior, young police officer. It would not surprise me if he were, back in those days, involved in cases which may have lead to innocent men and women killing themselves. But this is always hard to prove, especially decades later.

Believe me, I am still reeling from having succeeded in proving I didn't do something 48 years ago.

However, there is always KARMA. This lady, assumed to be a bitch, sometimes seems to be a very fine, upstanding, honourable woman, especially when she is on your side, as she appears to have been for me.

So - MWT in jail? Unlikely (although he does seem brilliant at putting his own foot in it).

But the future? I would be very, very surprised if anybody will touch him or his stories again. After this Exposure - which threw massive doubt on both his motives and his veracity - I cannot see anybody willing to let him into their offices.

I would imagine he will try to pursue a similar route I built on finding that a Vile Pervert is rejected by traditional media. My own site; You Tube; Twitter; Facebook; social media; private publishing and the very occasional supporter (Spectator; Mail; Times; Observer).

But I also suspect his victims - those prepared to exaggerate or invent false allegations - will be very nervous about linking up to him. We shall see. But, as one of his ex supporters said to me, MWT is now "toast".

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