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Thursday, 22 November 2018
I was truly and deeply grateful to the many people who offered to give evidence in court that the false allegations against me could be shown to be untrue.

So I have bought each and every one of them a meal, given them copies of Guilty and thanked them in person.

Today - the last meal.

One of the strange lies revived against me was by a confused woman who used to work at the BBC in the 70's - who swore I had a meeting with her and her boss at BBC Radio and tried to sell them a show in favour of child abuse. After I left they looked at each other in horror and swore I'd never work for the BBC again - specifically, that I would not host a new series they were starting on Radio One called Talkabout. I had been considered to present it - after this dreadful proposal they decided I would not ever do the job.

This long, sworn statement was revived and the woman booked to appear at Southwark Crown Court to show the Jury what a Vile Pervert I was.

Fortunately a friend remembered someone who had worked on Talkabout - which I started and hosted on Radio One for 16 weeks - he offered to come to court to swear the people mentioned were not in charge of Talkabout and that I had, indeed, hosted the first series very successfully for three months.

Richard had been a very successful producer with Radio One and went on to work at Pebble Mill in Birmingham and turned out also to have equally valuable evidence of my performances on shows from there in Birmingham in the 70s.

He is now running a radio station up North; I hadn't seen him for decades but was immensely grateful to him offering to appear and deliver vital proof for the defence to the Judge and Jury. As it happened he wasn't needed as HHJ Taylor spotted the numerous flaws in the ridiculous Surrey Police case and threw it out.

So it was fantastic to see him again and to thank him.

Here is a picture of the two of us.,com_gallery2/Itemid,64/?g2_itemId=7001

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