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Police Tricks 19 - tears of frustration. PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 26 November 2018
Many of the tears shed at the Innovations Of Justice conference in Manchester last week were because of the futility in trying to appeal or reverse a conviction.

Funnily enough, after getting yet another rejection from the IOPC regarding Surrey Chief Constable Ephgrave, who condones his officers lying on oath to judges and escapes due process in such serious matters as Deaths In Custody, I made another complaint - about their complaints process.

That has been rejected.

As dear Cilla would have said - Surprise! Surprise!

They always find technical reasons to avoid examining and censoring. One excuse used for ignoring my personal proof of a murder by Surrey Police was that I was not related to the victim and was, therefore, not entitled to complain on their behalf.

Oh, for God's Sake! They are happy enough to bring "eye witnesses" into court. Are all of them related to the dead person?

Police lie again and again. In a Search Warrant application they described my car as red. It is not red. I sold the red one in 2011. It is now silver. There was no reason (except incompetence) to mention the colour but there it was, on both application and warrant. I complained that it was an illegal search. They searched a car with the wrong colour. They answered - it was a trivial point and the correct colour would have been on the warrant, had Surrey Police been competent. So my complaint was rejected.

Fair enough - if technicalities can be regarded as unimportant. But this, with many other lies, illustrated incompetence at least - deliberate lying at worst.

Where do you draw the line? Police have a warrant for one address, break down the door, drag the occupant out of bed, nearly give them a heart attack - and then apologise that it was the wrong address and the wrong person?

The warrant would have been issued anyway, with the right address and correct person. No problem. Let police rush around, lying to, or misleading Judges? That's fine.

So what, we wonder, is the Complaints Process going to do about this? It will use technicalities to reject any appeal.

No wonder tears of frustration are shed. Not by me - I was lucky enough to stand in front of an honest, decent Judge who spotted these flaws and threw the entire case out of court. I urge you to read HHJ Taylor's devastating ruling against Surrey Police and the CPS. But the thousands of innocent men and women in jail, or with ruined lives, have to live with this dreadful frustration. Many kill themselves.

It is about time Mainstream Media picked up on this and, on our behalf, shouted it from the roof tops.

Change the system now. Today.

Mark George QC made the very intelligent suggestion that, after all convictions, ALL evidence and Unused Material should be handed to the Defence Team to study for flaws or lies. That must happen tomorrow.

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