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Police Tricks 20 - Nick/Carl/Cops PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 December 2018
So now it has been revealed - "Nick", he of the penknife/Ted Heath fame, is Carl Steven Beech.

He was the one who "did a runner" to Scandinavia and tried to conceal his four chins in the snowy wastes.

Many are now overjoyed that he is to face trial next year on numerous charges ranging from attempting to pervert the course of justice to child pornography.

I'm not convinced.

It strikes me that the man was quite likely abused as a child. And it has so badly affected him that he is genuinely unbalanced. I've met people like him. The trauma has seriously damaged them and they reinterpret many unconnected stories. Often Satanic Rituals become a part of their trauma. And they are encouraged by media (great stories) and police (promotion, budget increases, standing on steps talking about "the worst crime in living memory" and suchlike bollocks).

So damaged are they that they can never be persuaded to spot and exorcise their demons. Even the best psychiatrists cannot reach them. Often their new lives are founded on these fantasies so they can't be shifted; they have become as real to the victims as the truth.

Some media and police genuinely believe them too (they are very convincing and would pass any polygraph test).

And some WANT to believe them. The brighter the colours, the bigger the names, the more violent and inflated the stories, the better the headlines and the faster the promotion.

That's where many "credible and true" comments come from. Not deliberate corruption but self delusion. Police, media, judges, juries WANT the story to be spectacular. An accident is far less good copy than deliberate, planned murder.

And Chinese Whispers take over until Fake News becomes Real News.

I'm never going to be able to change the total lies produced by the haggard old hack prosecutor in my case as fact and published as such, even though they were all proved to be totally false. One of the blessings of our dear Internet.

Nothing beats a good story.

So poor old damaged Nick or Carl of the multiple chins will almost certainly end up spending many years in prison (where he will sadly be unable to get help as there is no money for rehabilitation).

Whilst the hacks, cops and other vultures feeding off the flesh of fantasies will continue to grow fat and prosper, probably ending up with even more chins than Orson Welles.

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