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Police Tricks 21 - homophobia PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 10 December 2018
The appalling Surrey Police Operation Ravine, which collapsed during my failed trial at Southwark Crown Court, illustrated the rampant homophobia that still exists amongst British Police.

18 years ago, after failing to prosecute celebrities Paul Weller or Mick Hucknall for heterosexual (and far more serious) false sexual allegations, Surrey Police, assisted by Surrey resident Max Clifford, decided they would have more success pursuing gay allegations (any gay sex between males if one was under 18 was illegal in 2000) and came up with my name (thanks to Max).

This homophobia still continues. British Police is still rabid about homosexuality. Indeed I've just heard that one of the officers involved in my case, who I suspect is gay, has resigned in disgust from Surrey Police after being forced to investigate the obviously fake claims against me.

Pushed to invent and assist lies, he flew to Canada and Scandinavia but clearly loathed every minute of being instructed to help anti-gay false allegations.

Decent officers are leaving British Police in droves. And corrupt ones are deserting well run forces and enlisting in those known for bending the rules and condoning legal loopholes.

This palace of cards is about to collapse.

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