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Did he jump before he was pushed? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 15 December 2018
Back in August I demanded that the Chief Constable of Surrey, Nick Ephgrave, resign. Along with the man who hired him, Police and Crime Commissioner David Munro.

As the man ultimately responsible for the debacle of Operation Ravine, which saw three innocent men die as a result of the flawed police behaviour which included officers lying on oath to magistrates in order to get search warrants, I said both he and Police and Crime Commissioner Munro should quit.

You will notice that, as Operation Hydrant (Norfolk Police) got deep into their investigation of Ephgrave's behaviour, he applied for and has been given a move out of Surrey Police and back to the Met in a lesser position (Assistant Commissioner).

Just as Lynn Owens (his boss at the time of the Breck Bednar killing) was moved to the National Crime squad - thanks to Theresa May (then Home Secretary). Independent PCC Kevin Hurley had tried to remove Owens but was himself dumped - again, due to May's behind the scenes request to Surrey Conservatives, and replaced by Munro.

Surrey Police and Crime Panel have been "taking legal advice" for months, regarding how to deal with Munro's refusal to investigate Ephgrave. After he was both Deputy CC when Breck Bednar was killed and CC during the Oliver Mears fiasco, when Guildford Judge Jonathan Black censured both Surrey Police and the CPS, causing 47 cases to be dropped, Ephgrave found himself responsible for the "debacle" of the Jonathan King trial.

Hydrant are looking at the "debacle" (HHJ Taylor's word) of Operation Ravine; including Ephgrave condoning his officers lying on oath to magistrates when applying for a search warrant in 2015 and his failure of due process in examining the three "Deaths In Custody" of Pollinger, Randall and Corday - during Operation Ravine.

Like Owens, now he's moving before he's pushed.

Apparently from a Chief Constable's salary of £190,710 to an Assistant Commissioner gig at £98,538.

PCC Munro (still, remarkably, in place, despite PCP reprimands) will select another weak CC and Surrey will continue with Oliver Mears type fiascos and more deaths.

Both Surrey PSD and Hydrant are continuing their investigations. Two officers involved in Ravine (Hodges and Hibbert) have now left the force. Investigating Officers (hired in) have also left.

The question is - will PCC Munro now also fall on his sword or will Surrey PCP fire him or will he be allowed to select the new Chief Constable of Surrey?

Munro earns over £100,000 a year in his job. Is he worth it?

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