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Why I hate the police PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 July 2019
Why I hate the police.

I’m a good, law abiding citizen. I’ve always considered police generally to be a good thing; looking after the community; keeping us safe.

Go to them in time of trouble.

Twenty years ago, however, my eyes were opened. It shocked me to the core when I discovered they do not care about the truth. All they want is convictions.

I suspect the reasons are financial; budgetary constraints plus a few bad apples prepared to do anything, legal or criminal, to acquire promotion.

And dreadful bosses - as they rise up the slippery pole all they care about is gaining scrambled eggs for their epaulettes.

Recently indeed I’ve noticed many leaving the force; they simply cannot stand doing the things they are told to do. I have quite a few police friends; they are decent people and they hate what is going on.

But it’s a global thing too; police develop an unhealthy disrespect for the law. They believe they can use any loopholes, do anything to achieve success and promotion.

Last year I witnessed shocking examples of this. Three innocent men died - directly as a result of police behaviour. And officers paid mere lip service to regret; expressing superficial sorrow but clearly not caring; delighted to be able to avoid fulfilling their obligations; deliberately flaunting the rules, backed up by their corrupt bosses.

One Chief Constable even went on record, proudly flaunting his disregard for the law, triumphantly proclaiming supporting corrupt officers and challenging independent bodies, knowing they were too weak and underfunded to fight him.

Ministers? Too busy obeying the media to want to crack down on bent cops.

And media too keen on ratings and circulation to risk alienating that chunk of the public who shout loudly “bring back hanging” and “castrate offenders”.

This attitude “we can get away with anything” is extraordinary - even ignoring clear evidence of corruption, knowing they will be backed by colleagues or unions or even those at the very top.

The result? More and more of the public loathe the police. Many are too afraid to say so (as I found to my cost, they will do anything to “shut them up”).

And what will change this?

Again, the media. Possible social media - possibly an independent journalist with a boss keen to boost circulation by exposing this.

Because when it happens there will be an earthquake.

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