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King of Hits
Carl Beech, Mark Williams Thomas, Max Cifford, Cliff and Weller and Hucknall PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 July 2019
So where did this all start? This is simply my theory.

It goes back to Surrey Police and Max Clifford.

I don’t know who originated the idea but Max, having realised there was money to be made from footballers and possible sexual encounters, knew that the bigger money could be gained from bigger celebrities.

He and his local police force tried this with Mick Hucknall and Paul Weller - two huge pop stars who lived in the area. But both had expensive lawyers and loadsa money.

Google RAPE and those two names if you don’t believe me. I trust both men don’t mind me mentioning them, all these years later.

So both sets of False Allegations went nowhere. And Max decided he needed to get a gay or bisexual star, less well funded but a big name.

Apart from anything else, Europe was about to force the UK to equalise the ages of consent at 16 (incredibly, up until then, men were considered unable to consent until they reached 18 whereas women could do so at 16). And Tony Blair’s Labour party, in thrall to the tabloids, hated this.

At just this time Jonathan King was asked to take over EMI Records as Global Chairman. This involved firing some very major (but failing) music executives. Some of whom knew Max well and resented the King appointment. And also at this time Max was approached by someone desperate for money with a tale of sexual encounters at the Walton Hop, a neighbourhood disco.

Max sent him away with a flea in his ear and told him he needed a big name to make his story commercially viable; so Kirk McIntyre came up with Jonathan King, a man he’d never met but who, he knew, was a friend to several local gays.

Many of whom Kirk, as a gay rent boy, had serviced in his youth.

Faced with a big name star, Max said “this is good; but go to the National Police squad to look credible and unconnected; they will refer it back to Surrey Police”. Kirk obeyed.

When, as expected, it was referred to Surrey Police, a junior officer, Mark Williams Thomas, was sent up to Shropshire to interview the false accuser.

This we only found out in 2018 (or I’d never have been convicted in 2001). Mark Williams Thomas arrived, sent his sidekick away and spent 11 hours alone with McIntyre and his wife, compiling a list of future “victims” which included Jimmy Savile, Cliff Richard and others (some of whom, including big football names, I’d never believe but I’ve seen the handwritten list) and their rumoured tastes. He then went home, keeping all Kirk’s “exhibits” there for a month before he submitted them back to his Exhibits Officer.

And soon after left the force.

When, in 2018, I pointed this all out to my QC and his Junior, they shot through the roof. Dynamite. Concealed (I believe deliberately) for 18 years.

MWT went on, after leaving Surrey Police under a cloud, never sufficiently explained, and a stint cleaning chewing gum off pavements (something Anna Raccoon discovered and gleefully named him Gumshoe) to expose Jimmy Savile and prompt Carl Beech into greater further fantasies, all provoked by Mark Williams Thomas.

So there you go. It stinks.

The False Allegations Industry from baby to screaming adult Beech; a story of this century.

The CCRC and Surrey Police are busily investigating.

Mark; I suggest you leave the country and, possible, go and live in South Africa.

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