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Thursday, 08 August 2019
I'm shattered that my prediction about Boris Johnson being arrested and questioned about allegations of historical under age sex abuse has not happened (pleased for him, naturally, but surprised in the current climate although the Carl Beech conviction may have affected the False Allegations Industry).

But let me repeat my theory about Boris and Brexit.

This is based on my knowledge of the Eton mentality combined with the Oxford experience (OK I'm biased as a Charterhouse and Cambridge man).

I think Boris will announce, after discussions with the EU, MAJOR CHANGES in the Withdrawal agreement.

These changes will not be major at all but will involve three areas - the Backstop clause is eliminated - replaced by a simple passage stating that both sides agree, no matter what deal is finally agreed, there will be no border in Ireland. This will be hard for the EU (how about other land borders, like Norway and Sweden?) but will be agreed.

Secondly - the massive 93 Billion paid by the UK will be reduced to 86 Billion or whatever the accurate figures are. This, of course, is because the longer period and payments made since March have reduced it but Boris will sell it as a huge cut.

Thirdly there will be some meaningless clause inserted allowing limited appeal rights to any Judicial decisions by the ECHR which Boris will sell as "getting back our legal independence" - essentially bollocks.

However the main concession will be that the UK agrees a "confirmatory referendum" if Parliament passes the "new" Withdrawal bill.

Grudgingly, Johnson will say he HAD to agree this. Grudgingly the Commons will pass this "new" Withdrawal Bill as long as the Confirmatory Referendum takes place within days.

Grudgingly, when this Referendum says 80-20 Stop Brexit Boris will retract Article 50, saying he thinks the public got it wrong but (shrugging, with that annoying smirk on his fat face) he must obey the decision.

And then, after Brexit has been scrapped, he will call a General Election. Relieved that Stupid Brexit has been abandoned, the Stupid Public will vote the Terrible Tories back in and Boris will be snapped on the steps of Number 10 giving that annoying V sign nicked from Winnie.

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