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Monday, 12 August 2019
Jeffrey Epstein - I said “something stinks” but I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I don’t suspect murder - least of all, not by ex President Clinton or on his behalf.

The casting of Epstein as a US Savile is quite apt though and I’m sure the media and the public want a Witch Hunt - definitely involving Trump, possibly a British royal and certainly other celebrities.

And hundreds, if not thousands, will leap aboard the Compensation band wagon. It’s significant that the absurd possibility of a trial against a corpse is being sought by “victims”. Why? To get closure, lawyers hiss. Financial closure - sure.

A real death conspiracy would have killed him first time. They are dreadfully efficient, hired killers.

No, this stinks of all the False Allegations Industry trademarks.

A man who fancied pretty girls and liked them young (but always above legal age; they are not stupid) will have been shattered when, second time around, trusted friends were prepared to lie about him (think those two hairy armed Michael Jackson false accusers).

Believe me, this is devastating. Women Epstein genuinely believed loved him, who he trusted and gave gifts to, betrayed him.

And he knew how impossible it is to prove you didn’t have sex with someone when they were 15 (or is it 17 in New York?).

He knew how hard it is to prove someone was willing and consensual when they say, years later, they were forced.

No matter how rich you are, this is a very strong reason to kill yourself. To choose to give up.

Life becomes not worth living when you discover those who you believed loved you, didn’t. Especially if you were fool enough to love them in return.

This is what stinks. Another man, quite possibly innocent, becomes a victim of the False Allegations Industry.

And society, which loves seeing blood and feeling “there but for the grace of God” and which hates success in others, especially financial, takes pleasure in the suffering and death of others.

That stinks.

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