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Wednesday, 14 August 2019
It’s not always obvious - the False Allegations Industry.

As Carl Beech exposed, there are many distinctly evil aspects - my main goal has been, for 20 years, to expose the police corruption. Often unintended - the “credible and true” statement was sheer stupidity, not malice. But the lies to get search warrants, as exposed in 2016 by Sir Richard Henriques, gave me a massive shove in the right direction. When I read about it I was prompted to get hold of the applications in Operation Ravine. It was riddled with lies and deception. For this, amongst other things, I contacted both the Chief Constable and the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner.

Instead of urgently investigating, they rejected my complaints by saying “the warrants would have been issued anyway”.

That led me down the legal rabbit hole which involved Harry Redknapp and many others.

And then there was the worst crime of all - causing (or at least contributing to) the deaths of three innocent men.

When Police knowingly provoke circumstances that kill people, society is in deep shit.

Again, my complaints about the three Deaths In Custody (according to the CPS guidelines) were brushed aside. Who knows how many other Surrey Residents have been killed as a result of broken Surrey Police?

But there are many other shadowy figures involved in this Industry.

The CPS for one. The other “independent” bodies like the CICA, the IOPC and the CCRC. Often for valid reasons (no budget; genuine incompetence) but sometimes shielding the cunning perpetrators of evil hiding in plain sight.

My “Carl Beech” in 2000 was a man called Kirk McIntyre (who bravely waived his anonymity in return for bravely waving Hello to a cheque from The Sun and thus can be named and shamed) of whose false claims I was eventually declared Not Guilty in 2018, after broken Surrey Police foolishly revived his lies for their failing second bite at my cherry.

His accomplices included publicist Max Clifford (the man McIntyre first went to, not making any claims about me, hoping for media cash; Max told him he needed to include a “big name” so that’s how I got included).

And Mark Williams Thomas, then a junior Surrey Police cop.

And very quickly Kirk, like Carl Beech years later, discovered the “support network” for false accusers - to be fair, often, also, for the genuinely abused.

That included several “charities” - I use the word in inverted commas - making millions for their founders and/or bosses, such as the NSPCC and NAPAC.

Frequently these organisations were hiding places for those who wished to benefit, financially or sexually, from meeting and pretending to support, “victims” (again, in inverted commas).

So the Industry exploded. Media loved it - ghastly shows like Jeremy Kyle and Victoria Derbyshire grew fat and rich with ratings soaring thanks to sobbing “victims” exposing whole swathes of innocent people - from DJs and comedians to sports coaches and priests.

Yes, teachers and vicars were early victims of the False Allegations Industry.

Even way back in the 1960s us pop stars suffered from fake paternity suits (this was before DNA); the News of the World exposed “swingers” and best target of all were men of the cloth (often with choirboys).

Churches, religions, charities, youth clubs - these became both breeding grounds for the cunning predators as well as terrific targets for exposure by those who wanted massive cash compensation or “a great story”. As I sang 15 years ago - Satan’s Ultimate Weapons of Mass Destruction (you can still see the video on You Tube and buy the track from iTunes for a mere few pennies). Beneath the satire in my lyric was a truth. The Devil is in the details.

We have now reached the point where there are far, far more false allegations than there is real abuse.

At last The Pope has realised this (hopefully I’ve helped expose it).

Many more innocent, kind, decent, honest priests have suffered from Beeching than have ever abused choirboys or choirgirls.

Beeching - the exaggeration or invention of sex abuse claims for gain.

And the media spotlight is now starting to swing towards showing the truth.

The IICSA - set up with the decent goal of getting to the bottom of child abuse - is finding the stench of False Allegations and predators hiding in plain sight is emerging from the farts of the arses involved.

Believe me, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

You will notice that many of the names and organisations mentioned above have found Lady Karma arriving on their doorsteps.

God forgive me - in many cases I have given her the directions.

Because, if this is truly a battle between good and evil, contrary to previous publicity, I’m on the side of Good.

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